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wtf mom

Since when is having an hour or so of free time to yourself per day a bad thing?

My mother comes storming up the stairs today yelling that "The first thing that is gonna change around here is that you are not gonna come home after school every day and get on the computer!" According to her, I'm the only person in this family who doesnt get regular exercise (too bad neither my brother or sister do either, but they must not be part of the family? wtf?) and so I either have to take up a sport or get a job. Sweet mom. Too bad I already applied for a job and am waiting to hear back...

Also when i come home and get on the computer, i'm doing homework. Its not my fault i have so much of it. Granted i talk online a little bit but apparently i'm not allowed to have a second of the day free, and her desparation to make me lose 25 pounds is getting so ridiculous that one of these days im gonna just walk out of the house and leave and go to college 7 months early. And she needs to stop comparing me to herself because the reason she weighs less than me is because she is diabetic, but i could never use that against her, so i will just be perpetually fat. unless i come down with her disease, which i will in 20 years anyway. awesome.
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